An educator, author, and personal advocate, I am dedicated to providing education and expanding the conversation around pleasurable living. That’s a concept that looks different for each individual and which I explore the foundation of in my first book, On Blossoming: Frank and Practical Advice on Our Bodies, Sexual Health, Sensuality, Pleasure, Orgasm, and More, published by Skyhorse Publishing in May of 2019.

I was raised communally and feel passionately about both researching and spreading information about human sexuality. I have written a Sex Ed book told from the perspective of my personal experience and the viewpoints I was raised with in my sex positive community upbringing.

Born in San Francisco, I’ve split my time between this urban metropolis and the family farm in Northern California. I was homeschooled until graduation from high school. After studying at my local community college, I transferred to U.C. Berkeley to study English Literature graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts. I spent my last semester of university studying at Pembroke and King’s colleges at the University of Cambridge.

I have over ten years of personal coaching experience and have been leading and assisting with communication-focused workshops events for the past five years. I also facilitate a weekly event in which participants learn about winning communication skills in a social setting. I was first trained in and began leading these events over 13 years ago.

With my closest friends at my side, I manage a non-profit dedicated to spreading surplus to communities in need in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area. I grew up participating in this non-profit and now volunteerism is a central part of my daily experience and larger life philosophy. I believe that we all live in surplus and that there is, in fact, enough to go around. It’s just a matter of spreading it around.

Gia Lynne Author
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Gia Lynne is a pleasure-positive writer, educator, and personal coach dedicated to researching and teaching the craft of pleasurable living and healthy sexuality. Having been raised by an intentional community that offers courses on relationships and communication, she offers a unique perspective on pleasurable living, human sexuality and their connection to our quality of life. She realized that while many people wish they had been raised with better sex ed, she actually had that experience. She has a degree in English Literature from UC Berkeley and is pursuing a master’s degree in Sexuality Studies.

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