On Blossoming: Pleasure, Sensuality & Empowerment in Brooklyn

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Featuring a provocative fun conversation with On Blossoming author, Gia Lynne and Director of the Center for Erotic Intelligence Mal Harrison. Hear directly from the author about some of her experiences and ideas that inspired her to add her voice to the conversation concerning pleasure, sensuality, & empowerment. Hosted by Dame Products, the evening will begin with wine, light bites and community networking followed by a lively discussion and an opportunity to have your book signed.

These discussions are more than just about a book, they’re about building upon a movement.

“There is a growing trend towards examining the sex education we are providing for our youth and clearly there is a disconnect. How can we expect people to grow into healthy, well-rounded adults (with great sex lives) when we don’t give them the foundation from which to do that? While there is a growing urge in our culture to talk about consent, what comes before that? So. Much. And that is what we’ll explore in this book and also in the rest of my work.” 

~Gia Lynne

 Written for people of all ages and genders, it’s time to rework the standard script of sexual education and fill in the gaps. Instead of primarily addressing the medical aspects of puberty or potential problems, Lynne presents solutions and provides tools for creating positive experiences in the realms of communication, pleasure, and happiness.

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On Blossoming: Frank and Practical Advice on Our Bodies, Sexual Health, Sensuality, Pleasure, Orgasm, and More